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Jan, 2019

Partnership with Crossfire Premier

Chad Brown our Technical Director has been hard at work preparing our club for the future and we are excited to hear directly from him. Look for more exciting news to come as we start to set our club apart from everyone else.

Washington East and Crossfire Premier have joined to form an innovative new partnership designed to provide even more opportunities for talented young players across the state. Washington East is excited about the potential to provide more programming options and to better serve the club’s growing membership.

To start, the opportunity to work with Crossfire Premier, the best club in Washington and one of the most successful in the entire country, is great for our families, the players, and our coaches. Personally, I could not be more excited to work with the club where I started my coaching education.

Bernie James, the Director at Crossfire, has been influential in my life on many levels. I have worked for him as a coach while at Crossfire and as a player while I was with the Sounders. We were also teammates for two years with the Seattle Sounders. He is a legend in the game and has built one of the strongest club programs in the country. Here is what Bernie has to say about the partnership, “I’m excited to work with Chad and Washington East. We are always looking for ways to improve and expand our club’s network. Adding another group in Eastern Washington and working with someone who knows our club and standards has great potential for both of our programs.”

The opportunities provided by the partnership agreement are endless, and I cannot wait to add to the solid foundation that our club and its players have built.

The partnership will start immediately for our players, coaches, and the families of Washington East. We will begin rolling out the additional programming in several phases; however, the most important aspect while this relationship grows will always remain providing more and higher- level opportunities for our players and coaches.

Phase I – The initial phase of our partnership agreement focuses on player development and coaching education opportunities.

There are already a couple of players training within the club who are currently on Crossfire rosters. More of our players—particularly those with the aptitude and desire to compete at the highest level in the country—will earn opportunities to go and train with Crossfire.

We will also set up scrimmages for some of our teams in early spring. This will allow our players to challenge themselves against the best in the state (not to mention, teams among the best in the nation). It will also allow Crossfire to evaluate our players and see what other potential opportunities might come.

With these extra events, Washington East staff will have the chance to engage with some of the best coaches in the state and country, allowing our coaches to grow and learn.

Phase II – The partnership will continue to focus on providing more opportunities for our players and coaches.

This includes the chance to spend even more time training with and playing games with Crossfire at a handful of different levels. Our coaches will also have opportunities to spend time traveling with Crossfire coaches on some trips to get a better understanding of how the club operates at an international and national level. This includes trips to Europe where Crossfire teams compete against some of the biggest clubs in the world.

Phase III & IV – While continuing to keep the focus on the players and coaches, the next phases of our partnership involve prepping for the future and adapting the agreement to ensure both clubs are in a position to best serve the entire player pool.

At this stage, we will begin to integrate Crossfire’s college preparatory program throughout the club, providing as much assistance as possible to our players hoping to move on to the next level.

Future phases also include the possibility of our most capable players gaining access to Crossfire’s network of partnerships with international professional clubs, which to date include five different first-division pro clubs in four European nations. Crossfire continually forge new and innovative opportunities to aid their players in moving on to compete at college level and/or professional levels, and by partnering, Washington East will gain access to the pathways they have created.

Working so closely with Crossfire Premier is a tremendous opportunity that I am proud to announce. Even better, Washington East will not be changing its name or altering our identity as a club. The partnership is a way for our club to add to our foundation and allows us to grow. WE will continue to provide the same great services and opportunities for our players, only now with more resources and support from our new alliance.


Chad Brown
Technical Director Washington East SC

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