2020-21 Player Development Program


2011 & 2012 BIRTH YEARS

The goal of the Player Development Program (PDP) is to create a fun and challenging environment that allows the players to grow at their pace.

  • League options are based on ability. The goal is to get each team playing like vs like as often as possible. The games are hopefully challenging the players to think, grow and develop.
  • Current coaches and teams looking for a challenge, guidance, or structure are  encouraged and welcome.
  • Teams will train in their part of town under most circumstances.
  • Multi sport athletes are encouraged and welcome.\
  • Player will recieve extensive work on character building and becoming a better teammate and person.
  • ID days no cuts; Players will be placed based on talent, personalities, commitment level. Current teams welcome


Area Coordinator Information:

Valley Coordinators

Boys – Mike Bly  

Girls – Rik Robles  

North Coordinators

Boys – Micha Primm

Girls – Jason Sandobal

South Coordinator

Boys & Girls – TBD