Coach Travel Reimbursement Guidelines

Washington East Travel Reimbursement Policy

Head coaches will be reimbursed from their team account for gas, lodging and a stipend for meals when they are required to travel for games.  Flights and other costs will also be covered when necessary.

Team manager/treasurer will provide a check to the coach before the event to cover gas and meals.  Lodging costs will be included before the event when possible.

If assistant coach is covering for the head coach and the head coach will not be at the game they will be reimbursed for all expenses that the head coach would receive.

Coaches with more than one team will have their expenses split between the teams when both teams are travelling on the same weekend.

A Coach with two games on the same day and one needing travel, the coach will find a guest coach for either the home or away game. If the guest coach is on the away game that coach will receive the stipend.

 Gas amounts

Moses Lake, Pullman, Moscow, Sandpoint- $50

Tri-Cities- $75

Yakima, Wenatchee, Missoula- $125

Seattle area- $150

Portland area- $200

Boise area- $225

If a coach’s expense for gas exceeds the amounts above they will be reimbursed for any additional cost but they must keep their receipts and provide them to their team manager/treasurer within two weeks of the event.


Coaches need to send their hotel confirmation to their manager/treasurer at least 1 week prior to the event in order to receive payment before the event.  Otherwise a receipt needs to be given to the manager/treasurer to be reimbursed after the event.

For some events lodging or commuting may come into question.  A general rule of thumb will be to go with what the majority of the team is doing.  If the majority of the team will be staying the night then coaches can book a hotel it the majority of the team is commuting then the coach should also.


General guide for what meals need to be paid to the coach are based on the time he/she will need to leave home in order to get to the game before warm ups and what time they will get back home after the game.

Breakdown of travel time:

  • Leaving before 7am should include breakfast.
  • If coaches will be home after 1pm then lunch is included.
  • If coaches will be home after 5pm then dinner is included.

Amounts for each meal:

  • $8 Breakfast
  • $12 Lunch
  • $15 Dinner