WE 2018 Futsal registration is open!


Washington East winter futsal is a club wide event for interested players to get extra touches on the ball playing against other WE teams in the futsal league.  The league has 6 weekends of games on Sunday’s between 1pm and 3pm.  Games are roughly 1 hour long.  The cost to participate is $25, which helps us pay for the rent at the Warehouse and futsal supplies.

Futsal is a great chance for players to get extra touches on the ball and really challenge their technical skills.  Futsal is played on a hard surface with a heavier ball that encourages players to  be more creative, improve their technique on the ball, and dribble or pass in smaller spaces.  The futsal league has a very fun, fast paced, and competitive environment that we are happy to offer during the winter months.  To register, click HERE.  

January 7, 14, 21, 28
February 25
March 4
For a complete schedule, click on the link above for “WE 2018 Winter Futsal League”.

WE 2017 Annual Meeting


WE Parents, players and coaches:

Washington East Soccer Club will hold its annual meeting on Monday, December 11th, 2017, 7:00pm at 518 W 3rd Ave., Spokane, WA  99201.  All WESC members (players, parents, legal guardians, coaches, volunteers) are welcome to attend.  

We will be voting on a new Vice President.  We have 2 nominees for the position, Sean O’Neal and Jared Hertz.  Please review our voting guidelines per the WESC bylaws:

“Every Club Member at least 18 years of age or older, present at a properly called meeting, shall have one (1) vote for each matter submitted to a vote of the Club Members; provided, however, no family (consisting of the player, the player’s siblings and the player’s parents or legal guardians) shall have more than one (1) vote combined.”


Annual Meeting Agenda

  1.   President’s Progress Report
  2.  Treasurer’s Financial Update
    III.  Election of Vice President
    IV.   General Discussion


WE Board of Directors

Washington East Players Sign with UW

Washington East is excited to announce that Noah Whitman and Tyler Smith have both signed with the University of Washington men’s soccer program! The UW is widely recognized as one the top 10 men’s soccer programs in the country. This incredible accomplishment will be the first time in 12 years that a Spokane boy has signed to play with the Huskies! The last signing was none other then Seely Soccer Academy player, Brett Hite. Congrats to Noah and Tyler from the entire WE family! Keep on the look out as the Club’s final two seniors are still making their decision on where to play college soccer. #WE #Seely

Who are WE?

PSeelyWashington East is a family-oriented academy style soccer club.  We don’t boast to be the biggest club in Spokane, but rather narrow our focus on having quality on the soccer field.   Our focus is developing our athletes with excellent ball skills and game awareness.  We believe that our club’s strength is in our coaching and we are proud of this.  Developing great players is our focus, not necessarily winning.  Our developmental age groups will focus on player development, skills acquisition, and fun rather than winning.  Winning games is not paramount rather growth and player growth is a product of successful training led by personalized coaches.

Coaches and Training

TimcoachingWe are very proud of our coaches and coaching tree.  Under the leadership and guidance of our Club head coach, Tim Seely, our club has assembled a team of highly dedicated and talented coaches.  Our coaches are hired and are not volunteers.  They are solely dedicated to their specific team and the development of each individual athlete.  Our training style hinges on repetition of key drills with attention to the fine detail.   Gradually over time this training translates to the magic we see on the field. Each coach is committed to their team and we make our promise that your coach will be present with your athletes teams.


NetWe are proud of our style of training at Washington East and our training fees cover the costs of 10 months of training.  When an athlete joins a WE team they have a dedicated coach who is compensated for their leadership.  Our coaches are not volunteers and our coaches are experienced former soccer players. We believe our training will develop each individuals soccer skills and footwork that will show our training fees are well spent.  In addition to our training fees each athlete will pay an annual club registration fee ($250) and need to buy a uniform kit that should last a 3 year cycle. Any additional fees will be based on the activities your team elects to compete in.

Washington East Soccer Club

LogoWashington East is committed to providing the highest level of youth soccer in Spokane. WE utilize the family oriented academy style to develop players to their highest potential. At Washington East we strive to cross train all players across all teams. Utilizing the same training space to encourage movement of players to their abilities and to help coordinate our WE “Style”. We strive to compete at the highest level in the state and in the nation. Our goal is to teach our players to think as a team, play with passion, intensity and sportsmanship.